February 2014 MEE Subjects

When I took the bar in July of 2013, I mapped out the history of the 16 subjects tested on the MEE and made predictions based on the historical pattern of what 9 questions the NCBE would write for our Bar Exam.

I was close—very, very close. The only tested MEE subject that I did not expect to see in July was Evidence.

I let many of my classmates in on my findings. Surprise, surprise: law students thought I was trying to freak them out or mislead them. I wasn’t, and they ignored me at their own peril.

HUGE CAVEAT: I may be wrong, and you need to study for every subject. If you don’t, you’re foolish and deserve to fail. But you can’t know everything—you’ve got to study harder for the things that matter. I am not guaranteeing that I am right, but I was fairly right once before.

In the spirit of ongoing generosity (and remembering how incredibly stressful that studying for the Bar was), here are my predictions for the February 2014 Bar:

1) a Civ Pro question (surprise there always is);

2) I’m 50/50 on Family Law, Partnerships, Contracts, Criminal Law, and Agency;

3) Either a Wills or Trusts;

4) Secured Transactions (No Commercial Paper);

5) No Torts, Constitutional, Evidence, or Property;

6) There will be Conflicts and Corporations.

February 2014 MEE Questions Picture

This is all a kind of educated guess. Here is a link to a PDF of the history of questions. Blue means they were asked and grey means it was a mixed question. Also, it looks as if mixed questions are becoming more popular.

On the subject of mixed questions: For those who took the July 2013 Bar, they’ll remember the crazy Con Law/Family Law question. It was terrible. Don’t pigeonhole your answer because you think the question is only drawing on one subject.

One last thing: The Bar exam is not like law school exams. If you’ve put in the time, be encouraged: you’ll almost certainly pass.