Getting a Court Date over the Holidays

We all know that holidays are a busy time for almost everyone. Gift stores, shopping malls, what have you are way busier and even open longer. Supermarkets are packed with people buying a ton of groceries for big family gatherings. Airports are at their peak season and the interstate highway system is congested with weary travelers trying to get to Grandma’s in time for Christmas. And of course, working people are picking up shifts and getting in overtime so they can treat their families to the best time possible.

This holiday rush is no different for our lawyers who are busy assisting our clients through their holiday woes. In fact, legal issues and situations tend to pick up during the “most wonderful time of the year.” On Halloween, mummies, zombies, witches, and super attractive men and women in uniform often overindulge and get arrested for public intoxication or D.W.I. (note: this leads to the “most wonderful mugshots of the year”). Around Thanksgiving, people get into Black Friday brawls or take their kids with them when they know full well it was their ex’s turn on the divorce decree. The same child exchange and custody issues take place around Christmas, but also people these days love to steal boxes off of your front porch and car break-ins are at the highest rate of occurrence annually. Let’s not forget – there are more cops out to catch you driving on New Year’s Eve than on any other day of the year. And this is all going down when the winter weather is causing unsafe driving conditions.

The period of time between mid-November before Thanksgiving through the new year is also a difficult time to get into court as soon as you want or for as long as you need in front of a judge in order to accomplish what you want. Remember that judges are people, too, and get to celebrate like everyone else. With that said, our judges ran for these positions knowing that people have problems and that those problems need to be addressed appropriately and in a timely fashion.

As the year end nears court calendars get crowded and hearings and trials which may require more testimony (more time) may get pushed out a bit in the future so they may be heard properly. However, there are still emergencies and reasons judges will allow you to get into court A.S.A.P.

Our lawyers can give you an honest timeline based on your situation on when you can expect to get in front of a judge, what to do in the meantime, and the best way to address your situation moving forward.